Advantages of using PHP Over Other Programming Language

May 13, 2015 PHP

When building a web application, web developers can pick one of the several server site scripting languages for example ASP, JSP, CGI, Perl and PHP. However lately the main debate have been between PHP and ASPX although no one can argue against the popularity and popularity of PHP. The most popular content management system WordPress and even the most popular social media site Facebook uses PHP as programming language.

Although most developers try to be learn as many programming languages as possible to build their skills, knowledge of PHP is one of the most desired and sought after skills that web developers should have.

Today I have tried to present some advantages of PHP over other client site scripting languages.


In comparison to other programming languages and particularly compared to web programming language, PHP is simple, lower level, more clear and less abstract. You will not find much more ‘magic’ that runs behind the scenes which makes the code work.

This could be a benefit whenever you wish to realize in depth what’s happening in your code. When coding in a more complex language, you might have to have a deep knowledge of classes and objects, subclasses, mixins, and also clear abstractions to realize what is actually going on behind the scenes. In the programming language PHP, it is really much easier to deduce precisely what it really does and how it does it.

PHP Advantages

Simple And Easy For Beginners To Choose

PHP is certainly one of the simplest scripting language to learn and grasp for beginner web developer. And also PHP syntax is somewhat similar to C and Java programming language. So maximum web developers choose PHP as their very first scripting language since it is clear and simple to fully grasp.


PHP is highly compatible with leading OS (operating systems) and web servers thereby enabling it to be easily deployed across several platforms. Most widely used operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, OpenBSD etc support PHP. This also provides support for all major servers for example Apache, iPlanet, IIS etc.

Open Source and Free

PHP is completely free to use and open source. The group of open source PHP programmers offers technical support and is continuously bettering updating the core PHP functionality.


A lot of web related jobs can now be very easily carried out utilizing PHP. Today we can do a lot of things starting from small-scale websites to large company and organizational websites, helpful forums, e-commerce shopping carts, platforms for chatting, community websites, e-business and huge database driven applications.


User guide: PHP has a lovely user guide and documentation. You can get all the user guide and documentation from the website

Community Support

One of the greatest advantages of PHP is its community support. If you are trying to find a specific script, chances are other developers has already developed something similar.

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